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Openpoint is an extremely flexible platform which provides great possibilities for customisation. Each customer has their specific needs – and Openpoint can be adapted for each project. Let us show you exactly what Openpoint can do for you. Book a demo and get to know Openpoint with us. Register your interest below.

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We know how difficult it can be to implement effective digitalisation, but we also know how easy it can be when it’s done properly. We’ll be happy to help you optimise your digitalisation process.

Get to know Openpoint and see what the platform can do for you. Register your interest here, and we will get back to you and suggest a time for a free demo.

The demo can take place either at Openpoint’s premises at Kungsholm strand 125 in Stockholm, at your premises online. A demo takes about an hour, depending on the elements to be included.


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Tore Skedelius
Phone: +46 707 82 08 41

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