Openpoint takes a pride in simplicity.
We strongly believe that less is more…
and more… and more

Zone planning animation

Zone planning made easy

Get started without complications

Crosscheck zone volumes with captured reality for better understanding of your buildings possible development. Make everybody understand by simplicity and visual strength. Also a great tool for municipality progress or to understand impact of future urban landscape. All you need is volume, and Openpoint!

Housing for everyone

Access your project from anywhere

Tired of doing things on different platforms? Ever felt that attached documents in email is obsolete? We totally agree! Make sure everyone in your project have the same information and gather correct information online, in reality, where it belongs. With the combined strength of pointclouds and CAD you can make everyone understand your coming project!

Housing animation
Construction animation

Construction step by step

When knowing things is set to default

Follow every step of your construction. Keep everything up to date and tidy. Make sure cost management and scheduling is never forgotten. You can also by scanning along the progress of your project make sure that what you planned is also built. No more surprises except an awesome project!


When history is present

In the field of heritage preservation and monitoring historical changes, Openpoint keep your project stored no matter how old it gets. Plan maintenance or set up the next AR-experince for tourism. Openpoint is more than a pointcloud, its your history to build on.

Heritage animation
Agriculture animation

Agriculture 2.0

Old MacDonald had a farm…

That was up and running in Openpoint. Henceforth he could leave it anytime without ever leaving it. With automated animal feeders and autonomous farming machinery the future of farming is already here, with Openpoint.

“When you can do what you think, you start to think about what you can do.”

A demonstration of the Openpoint platform

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