An open source-based platform with an exact digital twin of your construction environment – just the way you want.

Openpoint is the real estate industry’s most user-friendly platform for all stages of the construction process. Using a digital twin for your real construction environment, Openpoint facilitates everything from planning and management to development and collaboration – with the entire construction process gathered in one place.

Digital twin

Advanced web sharing made easy

Openpoint is an interactive platform that makes it easier for all parties involved in the construction process. A digital twin gives you access to exact, digital copies of properties and projects.

A digital twin is a digital copy of something that exists in reality. We build a digital twin according to your wishes.

Openpoint’s open API and smart web interface enable connections to multiple other systems, allowing you to gather everything in one place.

The platform is user-friendly and flexible for all different phases. No matter where you are in the construction process, you will benefit greatly from Openpoint’s functions.

The construction process

Openpoint collects and coordinates the entire construction process

Openpoint gathers the entire construction process in one place and makes it accessible to everyone involved and in all phases using a digital twin. With a digital twin, you can load all the models you need. Regardless of whether you are working with detailed plan volumes or construction documents, you can use the depicted reality to effectively coordinate the project, for example with project colleagues, partners, suppliers or tenants, without having to physically travel to or from the construction site or property.

All parts are visualised in a clear and easy-to-understand way in Openpoint – whether the properties are built or not. Openpoint’s functions cover the entire cycle of the construction process, so that master plans, detailed plans, building permits, new construction, management or demolition can be handled easier than ever before.

Openpoint’s functions

Powerful and direct visualisation of BIM and GIS on the web. Collect, coordinate and communicate all data in one place. Openpoint has a range of functions that allow you to collect, connect and manage your entire property portfolio digitally, regardless of the stage of construction.

Openpoint’s range of functions provide endless opportunities to manage projects and keep track of all stages in the construction process. Here are some examples of functions included in Openpoint by default:



Mark, move or draw attention to objects.



Communicate with other people in the project.



Link to project-related websites or databases.



Take actual measurements in the depicted reality.



Read everything from room temperature to vacancy rate.

Connect IoT

Connect IoT

Connect everything that your construction process requires in terms of IoT.

Openpoint is an effective platform – no matter what stage your properties are at.


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A demonstration of the Openpoint platform

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