We call it the game-changing digital twin IoT-connected Opensource-based Web-shared BIM Cloud Virtual…

No, sorry.

We call it Openpoint.

What’s the point of being pointless?

When you can have Openpoint

Openpoint is an interactive platform that makes it easier for all parties involved in the property life cycle. A digital twin gives you access to exact, digital copies of properties and projects.

A digital twin is a digital copy of something that exists in reality. We build a digital twin according to your wishes.

Openpoint’s open API and smart web interface enable connections to multiple other systems, allowing you to gather everything in one place.

The platform is user-friendly and flexible for all different phases. No matter where you are in the process, you will benefit greatly from Openpoint’s features.

Openpoint platform



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Openpoint is simple, its all about position and information, that’s it.

A demonstration of the Openpoint platform

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We know how difficult it can be to implement effective digitalisation, but we also know how easy it can be when it’s done properly. We’ll be happy to help you optimise your digitalisation process.

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