Swedish real estate profiles enter Openpoint

Openpoint, a pioneer in the digitization of the real estate and infrastructure sector, welcomes three new partners. By combining, among other things, point clouds from laser scanning and BIM, Openpoint creates a representation of reality that visualizes data in an entirely new way. “I have been following platforms working with digital twins for a long time. Openpoint is undoubtedly the most exciting I have seen in this segment,” says Gunnar Hagman, former Sweden CEO of Skanska, one of the three now investing in the company.

Openpoint is a web-based, interactive, and format-independent platform for digital twins. The platform is scalable and has shown excellent results with its user-friendliness and its unique way of combining and filtering data, making it a proven powerful tool for the real estate and infrastructure sector. Now, three heavyweight players join through a new issuance: one of NREP’s founders, Rickard Dahlberg, via South Bay Venture Holding AB, Real Estate Investor Jonas Ramstedt via Landia AB, and Skanska’s former Sweden CEO Gunnar Hagman. Hansen Law Firm has acted as the company’s advisor in the new issuance. Among others, Rocmore Holding AB is already a shareholder.

“Openpoint’s proof of concept has been impressive with their holistic solution. I assess that Openpoint’s platform will ultimately become the most complete on the market. The simplicity and scalability make the company have great potential to break through in many segments and establish itself globally,” says Jonas Ramstedt.

“We have met most Swedish companies working with digital twins but have not found a good enough overall offering. When we discovered Openpoint, we realized that it is the only platform that has customers in all parts of the value chain. They have, in a unique way, made digitization accessible and understandable for all stakeholders in the societal development process,” says Rickard Dahlberg (one of NREP’s founders) who invests privately in Openpoint.

Founder Robbin Hellström started Openpoint in 2020, and the first live version of the platform was launched in 2022. Since then, several customers in real estate, infrastructure, and industry have joined. The company, with offices in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, currently has eight employees. Robbin Hellström now takes on the role of product manager with a focus on customer relations. The CEO role is handed over to Arnold Rosén, entrepreneur and former CEO and founder of Nordsten Fastigheter (a subsidiary of Sveafastigheter), who last year invested in Openpoint.

“I look forward to driving the company’s growth journey with a strong customer focus and with the ambition to reach several markets already this year,” says Arnold Rosén.

With plans for international expansion and recruiting new talents in development, support, marketing, and sales, Openpoint faces an exciting future. The platform not only offers the easiest and most cost-effective way to digitize surfaces but also paves the way for the integration of AI and IoT services. In spring, the next version of the platform will be released simultaneously with the development of even more features and modules.

“After three years of blood, sweat, and tears, I am incredibly proud to have gained this trust from external investors. Now we can build the company as strong as the product. Openpoint is and should be the absolute easiest and cheapest way to digitize surfaces, while the possibilities are enormous. The hardest part is making complex things simple, but it feels like we have succeeded,” says Robbin Hellström.

For more information, contact:
Robbin Hellström
+46 (0)76 139 87 06
Kungsholms Strand 125, 112 33 Stockholm

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